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Common Problems and Solutions in the Use of Infusion Sets

Common Problems and Solutions in the Use of Infusion Sets

Issue Time:2021-08-31
the common problems and solutions of using the infusion set
Medical personnel needs to check the disinfection validity period of the disposable infusion set and whether there are any leaks or other abnormalities in the packaging before use. If the following problems occur when using the infusion set, it is necessary to deal with it in a targeted manner.

1. Air bubbles remain in the pipe when exhausting

There are often some small bubbles in the transfusion tube at the lower end of Murphy's dropper, although the bubbles will not move down with the liquid due to the surface tension of the gas.

Before hanging the infusion bottle with the inserted infusion set on the infusion stand, first completely close the regulator, and then hang the infusion bottle. Then use your left hand to fold up the plastic tube at the bottom of Murphy's dropper, and squeeze Murphy's dropper with your right hand. 

When the liquid enters about 1/2 or 2/3, raise the end of the infusion tube with your left hand, and slowly loosen the regulator with your right hand (Note that when the liquid reaches the joint between the infusion needle and the infusion tube, the regulator can be turned off and adjusted slowly, so that there will be no air bubbles at the joint), so as to ensure successful exhaust without any small air bubbles in the pipe.

2. Occasionally there will be gas in the infusion tube

Since the remaining gas in the bottle is not exhausted when the medicine is added, the liquid will overflow from the exhaust pipe just after the infusion set is inserted, so that the gas entering the exhaust pipe directly enters the infusion pipe.

When inserting the infusion set, put the liquid bottle upright, first insert the exhaust pipe to let the excess gas in the bottle exhaust, then turn the bottle upside down, and then insert the infusion pipe, so as to avoid overflow from the exhaust pipe. At the same time, we must pay attention to the two-needle slopes of the exhaust tube and the infusion tube not to face each other, and not be too close. This phenomenon can be avoided by paying attention to the situation of the first air intake.

3. The liquid level of Murphy's dropper drops by itself

If the needle of the infusion tube inserted into the bottle stopper is not properly sealed with the plastic tube joint, a small amount of air will continue to enter the Murphy dropper from here, which can cause the liquid level to drop by itself. Through observation, if this phenomenon occurs, replace the infusion set immediately.

4. It is not easy to see blood return during puncture

Before the puncture, adjust the regulator to about half of the distance between Murphy's tube and the infusion needle joint, so that the pressure in the tube is relatively low, and the blood return will be obvious during the puncture.

The puncture will advance to the subcutaneous and then into the blood vessel, when the injection is completed, we must use a dry cotton swab to press the needle eye on the skin and the invisible needle eye in the blood vessel longitudinally along with the puncture point, instead of only laterally pressing the skin.  

At the same time, we must act quickly when pulling out the needle, first pull out the needle and then press it quickly with a dry cotton swab, so as to avoid the patient's soreness.

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