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Clinical advantages of needleless connectors

Clinical advantages of needleless connectors

Issue Time:2020-12-04
Clinical advantages of needleless connectors
Needle-free infusion connector is part of the needle-free infusion system. This type of connector cancels the connection method of the steel needle puncture rubber stopper (heparin cap). The infusion set or syringe is connected with the needle-free connector. The biggest advantage is to protect the safety of medical staff And patient safety.

Protect medical staff

1)  No need to use needles to prevent medical staff from being injured by needles;
2)  Disinfection is simple and convenient, reducing the trouble of multiple pumping and dispensing, and reducing repeated use of needles to penetrate the dispensing bottle, reducing the incidence of infection;
3)  There is almost no dead space, and the residual volume is only 0.06ml, which can avoid the waste of expensive drugs and ensure the accuracy of the dosage;

Protect patients

1)  The closed cavity reduces the chance of infection and reduces the complications of indwelling needles;
2)  When the patient goes out or is agitated, the needle-free infusion connector can be temporarily separated from the infusion set, and then connected later to prevent the infusion set from being tangled or falling off;
3)  The needleless connector can be used continuously for a long time, which is safe and economical for patients who need intravenous infusion for a long time;
4)  Able to provide sufficient flow, the maximum flow can reach 320ml/min, which is of great significance to some special patients;
5)  The needleless connector adopts the Luer interface design, which meets the GB 594/ISO 80369-7 standard, which saves physiological saline, heparin caps, needles, gauze, dressings, and syringes required for sealing tubes and special liquid medicines, which saves patients economic burden.
The picture shows the needleless connector product of Shanghai Biqu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
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