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The advantages and scope of use of infusion pumps

The advantages and scope of use of infusion pumps

Issue Time:2020-12-04
The Advantages and Scope of use of Infusion Pumps

     The infusion sets seen in the conventional infusion rooms of domestic hospitals are basically gravity infusion sets, and the accuracy of infusion is generally not high. With the development of the medical level, the accuracy of infusion is becoming more and more stringent, and infusion pumps (volume infusion pumps or peristaltic pumps) have emerged.

    Compared with the traditional gravity infusion device, the advantages of using an infusion pump for infusion are:
1. Quantitative infusion at a constant rate to maintain the optimal blood concentration, reduce adverse reactions caused by changes in blood concentration, and achieve the best therapeutic effect;

2. The speed of infusion has a wide range of options, and the drug dosage and input speed can be quickly adjusted (0-999mL/h);

3. High safety. If there are bubbles, blockages, infusion completion, etc., the machine will remind medical staff through prompt or alarm function, which can greatly reduce the incidence of infusion accidents and reduce the workload of medical staff;

4. The infusion pump has multiple functions such as quantification, timing, and fixed speed. It is easy to use, intuitive, and has strong operability. It is not affected by the patient's position and improves the patient's infusion experience.

    Pump infusion has so many advantages, so it also makes it widely used in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, cardiovascular department, emergency department and operating room, etc., especially suitable for infusion treatment in intensive care units such as ICU.

    In the past few years, the infusion pumps used in Chinese hospitals were basically imported. Not only was the equipment cost high, but the infusion set that matched the infusion pump had to be purchased from the original factory, which virtually increased the cost of treatment for patients. With the rapid development of domestic medical technology, domestic infusion pumps have gradually become the mainstream, breaking the market monopoly and bringing more good news to patients.
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