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A Preliminary Analysis of the requirements of light proof infusion set for dropping bottle

A Preliminary Analysis of the requirements of light proof infusion set for dropping bottle

Issue Time:2021-05-07
A Preliminary Analysis of the requirements of light proof infusion set for dropping bottle
In the process of infusion, due to the different properties of drugs, the requirements for infusion sets are not the same. There are some drugs that are easy to decompose when exposed to light,if the conventional infusion set is used for infusion, the curative effect of drugs will be reduced, such as cisplatin for anti-tumor, sodium nitroprusside for reducing blood pressure, etc. when these drugs are used in clinical practice, the light proof infusion set will be used for infusion. As a part of the whole lightproof infusion set, what are the requirements for dropping bottles?

Turkey, which ranks fourth in the world in terms of medical treatment, has abundant clinical research on anti-tumor. Shanghai biqu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as biqu company) is a supporting enterprise in its market. In order to meet the clinical needs, it has a unique design concept in the light proof infusion bottle!

1. Because the traditional PVC material has certain adsorption to some anti-tumor drugs, such as paclitaxel, it will reduce the efficacy of drugs, so the drop bottle can not be processed with pure PVC, and other materials must be used for the inner layer, such as PE / TPU / TPE, etc.

2. The change of material will inevitably lead to the change of production process. Biqu company adopts advanced extrusion technology to achieve the replacement of materials and meet the clinical needs.

3. The hardness of dropping bottle should be moderate. Anti tumor infusion is usually used with several drugs. When the drugs are replaced, it is necessary to flush the cavity of infusion set. Most doctors and nurses will use the central negative pressure source or infusion pump of the hospital to pump the light proof infusion set, so as to achieve rapid flushing, which has certain requirements for the deformation of the dropping bottle.

4. Due to the special requirements for the filter screen of the dropping bottle for some anti-tumor drugs with large particle molecules, the too fine filter screen will lead to the accumulation of particles, which will lead to the blocking of the dropping bottle. Therefore, the selection of filter is also the key to avoid light infusion bottle.

5. Avoiding light doesn't mean that you can't see the liquid inside. The transparency of the drop bottle is also very important.

How to do a good job of the light proof infusion set, we should start from the use of the terminal and the expected use, in order to meet the market demand.
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