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wholesale Slide Clamp

  • Precision Roller Clamp for Tube

    Precision Roller clamp for tube Product Description Small Roller Clamp for standard 3-4mm tubing OD. Bio-report available Product features 1.Application & function The product is widely used...
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  • Small Robert Clamp

    Small Robert Clamp Product Description Medical partsPlastic hose clip Tubing Pinch Clamp For mini-bore Tubing, 2.0-2.3mm tubing OD. Product features 1. Multiple choice of color & flexible size...
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  • Slide Clamp

    Slide Clamp Product Description Slid for mini-bore tubing, from 1.5-2.5mm tubing Disposable medical sterile Plastic Tube Slide Clamp in hospital for pipe drainage bag IV infusion set Product...
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  • Pinch Clamp

    Pinch Clamp Product Description Pinch Clamp for 4.0mm or 2.3mm tubing OD Adjustable medical slide clamp are designed for on/off control of fluid or air,is components of medical tube and infusion...
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  • Precision Roller Clamp

    Precision Roller clamp Product Description Roller Clamp for 4.0mm-4.1mm tubing OD Different types adjustable medical plastic roller regulator clamp Bio-report available Product features...
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  • Medium Robert Clamp

    Medium Robert Clamp Product Description Robert Clamp for standard infusion 4.0mm OD tubing Medical Big Size Plastic robert clamp hose clip for infusion set to stop water On/Off or flow control for...
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  • Precision Roller Clamp for Air-Stop IV Set

    Precision Roller clamp for air-stop iv set Product Description Green Roller Clamp special for air stop set. B Braun Similar roller clamp Product features 1. Application & function It is used...
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  • Large Robert Clamp

    Large Robert Clamp-IV components Product Description Robert Clamp for Large bore tubing Best selling Plastic medical parts big size 14mm tubing robert clamps Bio-report available Product features...
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