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Enteral Administration

  • Pump IV Set

    Pump IV Set Product Description Pump IV set includes four categories: Pump infusion set Pump transfusion set UV Protect IV set Burette pump set Product features Fatigue resistant patent NF96...
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  • Infusion Set Iv3000

    The company's main products are: disposable sterile syringe with needle, disposable infusion device with needle, disposable sterile drug dissolver (with straight hole needle/side hole needle),...
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  • PVC-Free IV Set

    PVC Free IV Set Product Description 1.No DEHP 2.No Drug absorption 3.No Lead,chromium and other metal ions Product features 1.Green material 2.Suitable for drugs for intravenous infusion Our...
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  • Liquid-Lock IV Set

    Liquid IV Set Product Description 1)Vented air cap Hydrophobic membrane 0.5um 2)Drip chamber A7F and N7Ffor options 3)Prime Stop cap Air pass and no drops 4)Tubing DEHP free Product features...
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  • IV Administration Set

    IV administration set Product Description 1. IV administration set: PVC free 2. IV administration set: Liquid lock 3. IV administration set: For pump use 4. IV administration set: Light resistant...
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  • IV Economy Set

    IV economy set Product Description 1) IV chamber 2) Tube 3.0╳4.0 mm 3) Roller clamp 4) Y-injection site 5) Male luer lock 6) Hypodermic needle with cap Product features 1. Vented 50mm chamber or...
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