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The Structure Of The Syringe Pump And The Peristaltic Pump Are A Little Different
Jul 11, 2018

The syringe pump system consists of control system, input system, output system, stepper motor, state detection system, injector, power supply, alarm system and other components.

1 The main control module uses a single-chip microcomputer to realize the control of the whole system, including work control, parameter calculation, keyboard input status display, pressure detection, automatic labeling and automatic alarm.

2 The power circuit consists of a power supply selection, a charging section, and a voltage boosting section. The power circuit provides the working power of the components, which can automatically switch between the internal and external power supplies, and automatically charge the internal power when using the external power supply. The charging line is automatically disconnected after charging is completed. If the external power is turned off, the internal power supply can be automatically powered.

3 stepper motor connection module requires motor control system to achieve high torque, low vibration level, low noise, fast response and efficient drive. The stepper motor distributes the controller to obtain a quasi-sine wave drive current. The clock signal controls the speed of the stepper motor.

4 Mechanical transmission principle. After obtaining the instruction of the central circuit, the stepping motor drive circuit obtains the loading voltage, and drives the stepping motor through a certain pulse excitation. The stepping motor rotates at a certain regular pulse frequency, and then drives the power source to the second stage deceleration. The box is decelerated, so that the output speed is further refined and transmitted to the screw. The screw rod forms an external circulation rolling screw pair with the half nut structure to accurately transmit the speed to the baffle, providing stable and accurate feed. movement.

5 automatic alarm system mainly includes: off alarm, system warning, normal work instruction, battery warning, external power alarm and other functions. The buzzer sounds or the LED emits light to generate an alarm signal.

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