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Structure And Weight Mode Of Microinjection Pump
Jul 11, 2018

Micro-injection pump (referred to as micro-pump) is a new type of pumping instrument. It can pump a small amount of liquid accurately, tracely, evenly and continuously into the body. It is easy to operate, timed and quantitative. The concentration and speed of the drug can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the disease. To enable the drug to maintain an effective blood concentration in the body, the use of a micro pump to rescue critically ill patients can reduce the workload of nurses, improve work efficiency, and coordinate with doctors for accurate, safe and effective rescue.

The injection speed of the micro-injection pump is calculated in milliliters per hour, the maximum is 99.9ml/h, and the minimum is 0.1ml/h. If it is a common drug, 100ml per hour is completely no problem, and some such as vasoactive drugs Be especially careful when using it. Pay attention to the decimal point problem. It is easy to misplace 0.5ml into 5ml, or 5ml can be mishandled into 50ml, which may have serious consequences for the patient.

The double-pass micro-injection pump has a storage function. When the AC is disconnected, the micro-injection pump automatically activates the internal power supply. The BAT alarm is activated, the yellow light is on, the alarm sound is intermittent, and the micro-injection pump works normally. When the LOWBATT alarms, the red light is on. The power supply is used up and the machine does not work. The micro syringe pump should be replaced in time.

In the event of an unexpected power failure, a single pump that does not have a power storage function will immediately stop working. Therefore, after the power is restored, be sure to check and reset the micro syringe speed.

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