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Peration Method Of Needle Free Syringe
Nov 12, 2018

A. was injected according to the injection volume, and the amount of medicine needed was re injected after the new drug tube was replaced.

B. Remove the tube and discard it with the rest of the drug. After replacing the new tube, inject the drug according to the required dosage.


First, the injection site was injected with conventional subcutaneous injection.

The selected injection site was sterilized with medical alcohol cotton swabs and waited for alcohol to dry and then injected.

With two fingers of one hand, the skin on both sides of the selected and sterilized injection site will be stretched out. The other hand will take up the injector after adjusting the injection dose and press the head of the tube on the injection site.

Make the syringe perpendicular to the skin surface, and push the syringe forcefully, so that the head of the drug tube is tightly combined with the skin and the bin is kept sealed.

After relaxing the abdominal muscles, press the safety lock with your index finger and press the injection button with your thumb. When you hear the crisp sound, the medicine has been injected into the body.

After injection, keep the syringe in its original state for at least 3 seconds, then remove the syringe.

In order to protect the human body from the harm caused by the syringe and misoperation, please do not turn the tube off after the injection. Update the new medication tube before next use.

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