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Needles And Syringe Accessories
Nov 12, 2018

Taking medicine interface A, B:

The medicine interface is used to connect standard medicine bottles and medicine tubes.

The liquid in the medicine bottle can be transferred to the medicine tube through the drug taking interface.

The drug taking interface A is used in the refill type medicine.

The drug interface B is suitable for all drugs except for refill type and other drugs.

The drug taking interface is aseptic independent packing and disposable.

Syringe syringe

Main uses:

Insulin precise injection

(1) Using needle-free syringe can make insulin absorb faster, improve the simulated curve of insulin and make it closer to endogenous insulin.

(2) The onset time of needle-free insulin injection is much faster than that of needle-based insulin injection, which can prevent the occurrence of hyperglycemia during meals [5].

Treatment after injection:

Do not squeeze the injection part by hand after injection.

For people with different physique, the performance after injection is different. The main phenomenon is that there are red spots or small blood droplets in the injection site, which are normal phenomena and may make the red spots or blood droplets smaller or even disappear through the following ways.

(1) press the skin depth by changing the injection.

(2) prolong the retention time of the medicine tube on the skin after injection.

(3) press dry cotton swabs at the injection point after injection.

If the skin is raised after injection, the thrust should be increased.

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