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Microinjection Pump Weight Model
Jul 11, 2018

For some sensitive drugs or newborns, the pharmacopoeia is given a dose rate according to the weight mode. If this mode is on the infusion pump, the doctor can follow the weight dose mode, and the nursing staff can easily perform it if there is no such mode. The doctor's will is to convert, there is a risk of error; and if there is no such infusion mode equipment, the doctor must give a given amount of medicine together with the large infusion capacity, and then calculate the total The infusion rate, however, may not be urinated during the actual administration of the caregiver, and does not require such a large infusion, such a problem cannot be solved. 

On the contrary, if there is such a function on the infusion pump, the doctor can prescribe the drug and the large infusion separately, and the nursing staff can flexibly grasp the large infusion volume according to the patient's body fluid intake and the amount of the drug, which is convenient. Execution of prescriptions will help improve the efficacy!

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