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Micro-injection Pumps Lead The Chinese Syringe Pump Market From Start To Finish
Jul 11, 2018

After 20 years of unremitting efforts, WZ series micro-injection pumps have an absolute dominant position in China and continue to influence the international market. The biggest advantage of the product:

1. Product development is carried out under the premise of continuous communication with the clinic, so it is closer to clinical needs.

2. The WZ6 series micro-injection pump developed by the most advanced international IEC standard has passed the CE certification of German TUV and has advanced performance and high safety and reliability.

3. Perfect after-sales service system to solve the worries of users.

Microinjection pumps may cause some malfunctions during use, such as the inaccurate delivery rate of the microinjection pump, resulting in inaccurate dose per unit time.

The main reasons are as follows:

1. The syringe is not installed correctly, the needle ring is not close to the top of the syringe holder, and the syringe is not stuck in the slot;

2. The operator forgets to press the start button after setting.

3. The pump tube is not extended with the standard 50 ml syringe and micro syringe pump;

4. The micro-injection pump is not clean, dust, drugs, especially high-viscosity liquid medicine adheres to the propeller, which affects the sensitivity of the micro-injection pump;

5. The microinjection pump battery is not recharged in time, resulting in interruption of drug delivery during power failure or transfer to the patient.

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