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Medical Microinjection Pump Is A New Type Of Pumping Instrument
Jul 11, 2018

The medical micro-injection pump is a new type of pumping instrument, which can be used for a small amount of intravenous administration. The advantages are accurate, safe, timed, quantitative, uniform administration, rapid and convenient adjustment. Commonly used in ICU, CCU, pediatrics, cardiothoracic, brain surgery, general surgery and other critically ill patients.

Use methods to prepare articles and medicines: medical microinjection pump, 20ml, 50ml sterile syringe, plastic extension tube, sterile tray, tourniquet, tape, infusion pad, according to doctor's advice. Check the medical microinjector pump circuit, power supply, distance and instrument status. Check the medicine according to your doctor's advice. Use a special syringe to draw the liquid. After connecting the extension tube to the exhaust, it is placed in the medical microinjection pump body clamp to push the slide to the injectable state.

Connect the extension tube after successful intravenous injection. The rate of administration is selected according to the condition and the nature of the drug. Press the start button to see the injection indicator turn. Check if the instructions, etc. are working. The care is strictly “three check seven pairs” and aseptic operation, and the syringe needs to be replaced every time the liquid is pumped. To prevent air from being forced into the blood vessels, the gas should be drained when inhaling. Before the drug in the syringe is about to be finished, the drug solution should be pumped in advance for replacement in time to maintain the continuity of the drug. After the injection is opened, check whether the drug leaks in time. If there is an alarm, find the cause in time and handle it accordingly.

Common causes of the alarm include disconnection, compression or distortion of the pipe, separation of the slide from the syringe, and completion of the injection of the liquid. When used, the drug parameter [μg/(min·kg)] is accurately converted to the pump's fixed input parameter (ml/hour) and then input to the pump display. When using a light-shielding drug such as sodium nitroprusside, the light-proof paper is used to cover the pipe to ensure the drug potency. Clean the surface of the pump and dirt, and prevent the corrosion of the machine. After use, keep it in a safe place.

Medical microinjection pump features:

1. The speed of the pusher cylinder is controlled by a medical microinjection pump to ensure uniform drug delivery.

2. Eliminate labor, especially in busy hospitals or clinics to reduce manual input for intravenous boosting.

Medical microinjection pump use: intravenous injection, especially for patients who need to be administered slowly but with a small amount of medication. Such medical microinjection pumps are needed for patients who need to inject hormonal drugs, such as skin diseases. Otherwise, it is necessary to manually push the injection, not only is the speed difficult to control properly, but the hand push is very cumbersome, the hands of the medical staff will be quite tired.

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