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Medical Equipment Recalls Urgently Need To Establish New Ideas!
Nov 10, 2018

  Due to differences in national conditions and differences in social concepts, the cultural basis for fulfilling product recalls in China is not profound. Although the recall system has been implemented in industries such as food, medicine, automobiles and toys, its performance has been unsatisfactory. One of the important reasons behind this is that the delivery company is desperate when recalling the products, and is worried that the recall will affect the company's image and affect the company's stock price and earnings. Western society feels reluctant to recall the faulty products, and most of them are positive. The reason for this is that the society "the public greatly forgives the existence of faulty products, and feels that the same problem is not related to the scope of people's understanding, but has nothing to do with the integrity of the enterprise. Second, the exposure of the delivery company to the disease is valuable for improving the skills. Opportunities, in order to achieve product renewal, and in China, the vast majority of "the public are mistakenly feel that the emergence of faults is caused by corporate dishonesty or low level, the criticism of product problems is far more than rational discussion. The public's very different attitude towards faulty products will directly affect the enthusiasm of the delivery company for the recall of defective products. In China, the foreign-funded medical device companies that occupy more than half of the medical device recalls, is it that the incidence of domestic medical device defects is far lower than that of foreign brands? Although not, the reasons for the low recall rate of domestic medical devices are many, and the harsh external conversation environment is only one of the important reasons for this!

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