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Handling Of Common Alarms In The Use Of Microinjection Pumps
Jul 11, 2018

1. When the liquid is in 2ml, the micro-injection pump will automatically alarm, the red light will flash, press the alarm button, the red light will stop flashing, so that the remaining liquid in the syringe can be pumped at a constant speed to avoid waste of liquid. Ensure that the drug is supplied in sufficient quantities to ensure an effective blood concentration. At this point, the drug for the other syringe can be prepared.

2. The microinjection pump passage is completely blocked, such as the pump tube is folded and the needle is blocked. Need to puncture again when the needle is blocked. Because the extension tube has a certain elasticity, the capacity is large, the patient is swaying, sucking, and the needle is easily clogged after coughing. After the occlusion, the microinjection pump continues to deliver the liquid, but the liquid does not enter the blood vessel, but accumulates in the extension tube. When the extension tube pressure is increased to a certain limit, the microinjection pump will alarm, which is unfavorable for critically ill patients.

3. When the battery energy is exhausted, the external power supply should be turned on immediately to keep it working.

4. The power plug is loose and the power should be connected immediately.

5. Inadvertent collision causes the syringe to loosen, and the syringe should be inspected for normal position.

6. External leakage of liquid medicine: If there is extravasation during the injection process, the alarm system of the micro-injection pump will not be reflected. Only when the extra-osmosis reaches a certain level, a certain resistance will occur, and an alarm will occur. When using the micro-injection pump, the inspection should be strengthened. When an alarm occurs, the cause of the alarm should be checked and dealt with in time for different reasons.

The infusion pump alarm system has six symbols flashing for timely processing.

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