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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Needle Free Syringe:
Nov 12, 2018


1. Without a scary needle, psychological resistance to treatment will be minimized, and treatment compliance will be improved, especially for diabetic children.

2. It's not easy for diabetic patients treated with insulin to prick up their stomach every day. Every day, they can be more comfortable. Let's have a good time.

3, without needles, naturally there will be no "broken needle". Naturally, it will be much safer.

4. The popularization of needle-free syringes can minimize the risk of medical treatment and reduce the trouble and cost of medical waste disposal.

5. Simple, pressure adjusting scale, press the injection button when injecting, a drug can be injected repeatedly, according to different skin characteristics, from fat to thin, there are three injection methods: pressing injection, pinching injection and skinning injection. Compared with traditional needle injection, there is no need for special skills and hands of pinning needle. It is easy to operate, and it is convenient for others and for themselves.

6, save medicine and save money. Because the consequences of injection have changed, and the transdermal diffusion technology is different from the traditional needle injection, the bioavailability of insulin has been improved, and the onset time of the efficacy has been shortened, and the cost of drugs has been reduced. The main body of needle-free syringe can be used thousands of times, and can also be used for different patients, which greatly improves the economy.

7, there is no injection site after repeated injection of induration. There is no other substance into the body, into the body are absorbable drugs, clean, simple.


1, because the structure of needle free syringe is more complex, it is larger than traditional needle syringe.



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