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IV Blood Chamber

  • Vented Assembled Blood Chamber

    Item: Vented Assembled Blood Chamber Model: AD26F Material: PVC/DEHP-FREE PVC, ABS and PE Drip chamber length: 98mm Drop needle:20 drops/ml Air displacement: air vented Filtration: 200μm filter...
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  • Non-Vented Assembled Blood Chamber

    Item: Non-Vented Assembled Blood Chamber Model: ND26F Drip chamber length: 98mm Drop needle:20 drops/ml Filtration: 200μm filter Color: transparent Producing process: injection, assembly and...
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  • Non-Vented Blood Chamber 10 Drops

    Item: Non-Vented Blood Chamber 10drops Model: ND27F ND27F FAQ Q: What certifications do you have? A: we have ISO and CE. Q: Which spike do you have? Only this type? A: For ND27F, we only have this...
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