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The scope of precision filters
Jul 11, 2018

Precision filters are widely used in petrochemical, natural gas, paint, paint, ink, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, automotive, electronics, electroplating, food, beverage and other fields. They are ideal for filtration, clarification and purification of various liquids.

Petrochemical, chemical industry: hydrogen peroxide, resin, lubricating oil, polymer, viscose, precision filter, aviation coal and various oil products, catalysts, chemical fiber manufacturing process, various fluid purification, chemical intermediate products and chemical products separation Recycling

Oil and natural gas industry: CNG filtration at gas station, desulfurization of amine liquid and dehydration agent, separation and purification of natural gas and refinery, oilfield water injection, workover, acidification liquid filtration;

Coatings, paints, and inks industry: latex paints, paint materials and solvent filtration, printing inks, printing inks and additives;

Medicine, bioengineering industry: infusion (LVP and SVP) pharmaceutical water, biological products plasma serum, precision filters, various pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermenter intake and exhaust sterilization filtration;

Automobile manufacturing industry: electrophoretic paint, topcoat, ultrafiltration water, pretreatment liquid, vehicle spray water, engine crankshaft manufacturing coolant, industrial gas for painting and gas cleaning of spray booth;

Electronics, electroplating industry: liquid crystal display, lithography machine, optical disc, copper foil, integrated circuit and other microelectronics and electronic products manufacturing process of various chemicals and processing, plating solution, process gas purification and purification gas filtration;

Food, beverage, wine industry: wine, yellow wine, white wine, beer, fruit wine, sake, juice, tea drink, soy milk, dairy products, bottled water, edible oil, vinegar, monosodium glutamate and other food additives to make precision filter process purification and no Bacterial treatment.

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