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The role of the syringe pump and the infusion pump are complementary
Jul 11, 2018

The microinjection pump is also called a medical syringe pump. The purpose is to accurately and accurately administer the patient to the patient's bedside bed for a long time, to improve the treatment level, reduce the risk of administration, reduce the work intensity and tension of the medical staff, and reduce the dispute between the doctor and the patient. The medical infusion pump and the microinjection pump have the same purpose and use. The difference is that the infusion pump can deliver a large volume at a time, and the microinjection pump can only deliver a volume of less than 50 ml at a time. Generally, the microinjection pump delivers drugs. It is said that the flow rate of the infusion pump is less volatile. For example, it is better to use a microinjection pump when delivering an anesthetic. In other cases, it is more convenient to use an infusion pump. However, the accuracy of the infusion pump for a long time is not easy to ensure. When selecting an infusion pump, it should be Evaluate the accuracy of their infusion without stopping for a long time.

The micro-injection pump is divided into industrial use and medical use. The medical micro-injection pump is also called the injection pump or the infusion pump. The injection pump and the infusion pump have the same purpose, but the capacity range is different, the continuous infusion accuracy is different, the flow rate fluctuation level is different, and the consumable cost There are differences, in general they are sister pumps, they can replace each other!

Syringe pumps can be divided into medical and non-medical, as well as laboratory micro-injection pumps and industrial syringe pumps.

The syringe pump can be divided into single channel and multi channel (two channels, four channels, six channels, eight channels, ten channels, etc.) according to the number of channels.

According to the working mode, the syringe pump can be divided into single push and push pull and two-way push-pull mode, which can be divided into split type and combined type according to the structure.

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