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Structure of microinjection pump and use of medical infusion pump
Jul 11, 2018

The medical infusion pump and the microinjection pump have the same purpose and use. The difference is that the infusion pump can deliver a large volume at a time, and the microinjection pump can only deliver a volume of less than 50 ml at a time. Generally, the microinjection pump delivers drugs. It is said that the flow rate of the infusion pump is less volatile. For example, it is better to use a microinjection pump when delivering an anesthetic. In other cases, it is more convenient to use an infusion pump. However, the accuracy of the infusion pump for a long time is not easy to ensure. When selecting an infusion pump, it should be Evaluate the accuracy of their infusion without stopping for a long time.

The microinjection pump consists of a pump body and a drive section, which is easy to install with the stator. The preeflow eco-PEN micro-injection pump is designed with a fixed rotor structure and has good sealing performance. The rotor and stator pair form a self-sealing structure that is easy to replace. The medium conveying function is realized by the directional rotation of the rotor in the stator cavity. The conveying process does not have any effect on the performance of the media. At the same time, the motor can be easily reversed by the motor reversal to ensure the cleanness of the media and materials, no dripping, no pollution!

Micro-injection pump self-sealing performance is proportional to viscosity

Measuring pressure range 16-20bar

Suitable for needles with very small cross-sectional areas

Self-priming function (for high viscosity media)

Preeflow (1 sheet) does not require an additional pressure device for any flowing medium

The internal structure is about 2 bar watertight!

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