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Precision filter maintenance
Jul 11, 2018

1. The core component of the precision filter is a filter element. The filter element is a vulnerable part and requires special protection.

2. When the precision filter works for a long time, it will block a certain amount of impurities, which will reduce the working rate, so it should be cleaned frequently and the filter element should be cleaned at the same time.

3. Pay special attention to the cleaning of the filter element during the cleaning process, and do not deform or damage, otherwise the filtration accuracy will be reduced and the production requirements will not be met.

4. If the filter element is found to be deformed or damaged, it must be replaced immediately.

5, some precision filter cartridges, can not be used repeatedly, such as bag filter, polypropylene filter, etc.;

Precision filters are widely used in petrochemical, natural gas, paint, paint, ink, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, automotive, electronics, electroplating, food, beverage and other fields. They are ideal for filtration, clarification and purification of various liquids.

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